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damage to dizzy contacts

daver clasper

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Hi everyone.

recently fitted a cheaper electronic ignition unit to my Vitesse together with the cheap looking rotor arm supplied.

Has been good until running at higher revs than usual, car missed, backfired and died.

Rotor arm appears to have come adrift from location and worn/gouged some of the six contacts inside dizzy cap a bit.

Fitted a spare rotor arm. Car will start and idle roughly, and run more roughly.

Wonder why this may have happened (crap rotor arm, with small bits of broken plastic in top of cam)?

Also, do you think a dizzy cap will cure present rough running, or more issues.

As always, advice much appriciated.



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Hello Dave,

is there now a crack in the distributor cap? This could cause a miss. I would also check the timing as it's possible that the two rotor arms are indexed differently to each other giving an altered timing?


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What are the bearings like in the dizzy shaft? If there is unacceptable levels of wear on the bearing then the arm will 'play' more and could damage the cap. I had it on one of my cars, and as it wobbled it only took out two or three dizzy-cap posts, and only gradually so the problem wasn't immediately obvious.

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Thanks for getting back

There is some play in the shaft, though I'm pretty certain this was not wearing the contacts before this happened.

Have fitted a new cap

Car started on the button, though is still missing and running rough when moving and engine is under load.

The vacuem  advance is moving back and forth when sucking the tube.

I'm wondering if there is other damage to dizzy, or the backfiring when this happened has caused a problem.

At a bit of a loss, so any more advice would be great.

Cheers, Dave  

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