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Windscreen wiper mechanism Herald 13/60

Alan Armstrong

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More queries..... so I tested the motor & system whilst installed...no movement or noise from the motor.

Disconnected and removed motor and did bench test...motor works Hurray!...more cleaning up re-greasing necessary.

Removed the wheelboxes linkage/cable drive etc....all locked up no movement. 

Undid the wheelbox covers and freed off the gears from old grease, re assembled and they work.

Re connected the motor on the bench and again all working!

So all I need is 2 x 8 sided wheelbox nuts to refit to the car.

So here is the query, I have the approx 1" long bushes that fvit onto the wheelboxes on the inside of the car,

but there was nothing to fit over the drives on the ouitside apart from the chrome nut. Canley Classice diagram shows a thin

type bush/washer, but says no longer available.....what have others fitted instead please.

I really dont want to fit the nuts straight to my freshly painted masterpiece!🙂

Would appreciate your comments....



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