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Rear trunnion bushes


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I would also like to know, at the moment thinking of trying the polybush ones since NOS ones aren't easy to find either.

My experience was that they're too wide, and the seal supplied is wrong and ineffective, I think it's the metal washers that are actually the problem, too thick. You can make them fit by spreading the upright (bit of threaded bar and some washers and nuts through the spring eye hole), but they don't last all that long. Similarly, if you tighten up the bolt to the specified torque in the manual, you won't be able to swivel the trunnion at all so that's best ignored if you want your suspension to work properly.

Edit: I had a look on evilbay, and these at least seem to look correct (unlike the cheaper blue ones), anyone tried?: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/363046573771

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If it locks solid the spacer tube must be too short as, if correct, it should prevent the bushes being clamped. The tube must protrude slightly out each end of the bushes and inner seal plates once they are installed as tightly as possible in the trunnion...

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18 hours ago, glang said:

The only solution I can see is to take material off each bush flange until the tube is wider than the assembly....


A much better solution would be to find a longer tube. That way the assembly could be made to the correct overall width.



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cor youve probably only got to take a few thou off the bush flanges!

The only problem I can see is that its difficult to work out how much to take off because you probably cant fit them, compare with tube length and then pull them out again to rub the flange on emery paper.

I think I would fit and then use a file to take some off each one and although some metal will also come off the inner seal plates this shouldnt matter. 5 minutes and its done👍

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Just about to do a front trunnion on mine and think it'll need some fettling. Id really like to drill a hole in the trunnion and crush tube so that I can get oil into the bush and bolt from time to time but probably wont bother.

However more worrying is that the plastic bushes could each be another 3 or 4mm longer so that they meet inside the trunnion and give more load carrying area that will hopefully last longer. To correct this Im going to cut a length off another bush and push it in before I insert the second bush to fill the full width...

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