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Bonnet adjusters on 13/60 herald.

Alan Armstrong

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More help please...am about to install the 2 bonnet adjuster rods from the bonnet mounts on the chassis to the mounting point on top of the suspension "towers".

I thought this would be self evident...but dont seem to line up. One end of the adjuster rod is flat, the other end is at an angle, and despite trying each way round, I still cannot make them line up to their mounting points.


Any ideas?




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Think the individual parts can be used on either side but once the adjuster is locked up then yes they have to be put back in the same place. Should be straighter end at the front but it might have to be rotated to put the more angled one in the right position to attach onto the turret...

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Hi Guys...still stuck on this

Have put the flat ends to the front, on the inside of the mounting bolt, if on the outside, bonnet couldnt shut!, but still way out of line. I did wonder if the bracket I was trying to mount to was "bent", but I have fitted the bonnet straps to these brackets and they line up perfectly with the inner wheel arches as shown in pic one....so the brackets are correct as fitted.

I have uploaded 2 images and circled points of interest, [pic 2 shows the discrepancy. as a fix, can I reshape the angle on the end of the adjuster so it meets correctly??


Any help appreciated...



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Obviously looks like rod is still too long so double threaded joiner piece has to be rotated to shorten it and then probably a bit of gentle persuasion will be required. Even when new I dont suppose everything on these chassis lined up and now after all these years its even less likely😁

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