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Ignition Module Experience


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In case others have the same problem as I did the other night in my 40,000 mile CD...

Got to work no problems as per last 4 years. Got in car to go home after work and whilst car turned over would not start. Could find nothing obvious wrong and called out recovery man. He checked everything, sparking ok, dis cap ok etc etc. Towed home.

My experience of the Ignition Module failing is twice and that they generally lasted for around 90,000 miles or so. First one went in a 80,000 mile HLS when the car just died at a roundabout - nothing would work - completely dead. The other experience was in a 110,000 mile car - again stopped dead at a roundabout and nothing would work. I therefore had not considered that the module could be the fault in the current lower mileage car especially as the car was turning over.

Thought I would change the module just to see, after someone told me it was worth a look, and hey presto car started first time. It looks like these modules can therefore go at any time.

So - in case any one else here also thought that the modules lasted to around 90,000 miles and when failed would completely kill the car - think again as not so. A replacement one is an essential spare and so small you can keep it in the glove box.

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