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setting elecrtonic ignition without timing light

daver clasper

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Hi everyone
Have just bought a powerspark ignition kit for vitesse 2litre mk1. Is there a way of setting timing without light as not got one. info says it will run after fitting and maybe a couple of degrees out. can I adjust be ear at idle, until it has highest rpm and smooth running by advancing/redarding dizzy.
Any advice much appriciated.

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As above, but drive it under load (high gear, slight incline, not fast) and see if the engine pinks. If not, advance until it does. That is too much, so back it off until it just stops. That is the most accurate way of setting the timing, as the distributor will not be "factory fresh" and todays fuel is rather different. I have had one car checked on the rolling road, and indeed it was correct.

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