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Spark Plug Choice for Electronic Ignition


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Hi all!

Been starting to do a few servicey bits on my recently aquired Mk3 GT6, ready to enjoy soon!  Thought I'd treat it to a new set of Spark Plugs , as I have no record from the previous owner on how long they have been in there and a good set of NGK BP6's seem to be the way to go on previous searches....

However, I have noticed that mine is currently running NGK BPR5EY plugs, which I see is a hotter resistor type plug.  Now the vehicle was previously run around London, and understand that hotter type copes with fouling better at low speed driving etc - so assume one reason for this :-/  

Though was unsure if this type of plug would have been fitted because of having electronic ignition - it has the Luminition type fitted, otherwise the engine is totally standard.  And also that resistor type plugs weren't best suited for this engine, but again an exception for this type of ignition ?

I haven't had much opportunity to drive too much yet, and haven't really noticed any issues whilst warm and runs well - but some hesitency first off when cold which has been a bit dicey at junctions!

Would I be safe in sticking in a set of BP6E's and just see how things go as the recommended plugs, or differ from standard because of elecy ignition and match whats fitted ?

Any Advice appreciated.  thanks!  :)


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Does plug choice not also relate to the state of tune of the engine?? You do not mention whether or not your engine is standard or not, but assuming it is I cannot see any reason why NGK-6's should not work. Only real caveat I have seen is to avoid the 'R' plugs, I believe the resistor is not needed on our engines??

TBH Andrew, your easiest route is to experiment!! Every engine is different, so trial and error is the only way to really find out what plugs will work best. Find a driving route with a mixture of climbs etc and try both sets.

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