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TR6 Runninng issues


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Hi All

1970 UK PI TR6. Im having an on going issue. When cold and on choke the car runs very well. Once its warm and off choke it gets fluffy on initial throttle like its only running on 4 cylinders and occasionally backfires through one or two of throttle bodies. Once its on the move and into the mid-range it clears and revs cleanly all the way to the red line.  I have recently fitted new plugs, HT leads, Dizzy cap, Rotor arm and an Accuspark electronic ignition module. This has help enormously with its cold running but not once it's hot. The car has an aftermarket fuel filter and high pressure fuel pump fitted but is otherwise standard. Timing is set at 10deg. Fuel enrichment lever closes fully with choke off.

Any ideas? 

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