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Dolomite 1300 engine for sale, turns freely.


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For the princely sum of £20, anyone who can collect this Dolly 1300 engine from me in Kennington, London SE11 (bit south of Waterloo station) before April 30th can have it. Will resort to the wilderness of ebay / Facebook marketplace if no interest here.

Engine number is DH35637HE, head number looks like 515573 but it also has 9863 stamped on it (shown in last pic).

I know basically nothing about it, apart from it turns freely and has push-rods, rockers, and all the other bits visible in photos. It came to me with a now-departed mk2 Spitfire project, and has sat in my garage for two years. 

Anyway drop me a line on here if you're interested. I must stress that I need it out of the way by end of April. And sorry the wooden trolley isn't included 🙂










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Just a note for completeness (as a potential buyer might be interested), while the DH prefix means it originally came out of a Dolomite, the sump has been swapped to suit a Herald or Spitfire. Folks on here can probably spot that but it would be worth mentioning if you have to resort to the book of farce or the bay of E.

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