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Trumph 2000 Protoype with Stag V8?


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I frequent a car podcast calls "Smith and Sniff" and they recently mused about our favorite car designer Michelotti. They mentioned a Triumph 2000 prototype with a Stag V8.

Anyone ever heard of this?

Does anyone know if it is still around?


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Del Lines, I believe, (apologies if I’m wrong,)  built these cars to order after first trialling combining Stag/2000 to make the Stag estate, Triumph never produced them but maybe should have. .  we had the red Stag estate built by Del Lines on CT stand at the NEC classic car show last November,  as the theme was modified triumphs (see Januarys issue of club torque.)  there are still  few of these around, a blue one was on the 2000 register stand at the resto show last month 

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5 hours ago, Wendy Dawes said:

, Triumph never produced them but maybe should have. .  

Yes Triumph did build some! More than a dozen, but no firm numbers. We have factory estate, and and least one if the saloons survives. The Atlantic garages (Del Lines) things were built without factory authority, and they stopped building them after Triumph threatened them with legal action. I have worked on a some of the Lines cars, and they were very shoddily put together. Hopefully most of that initial 'build quailty' has been restored out of them by now.

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