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Nick Jones

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It's been 27 years since I did the bodywork on my Vitesse and, in places, patina is turning more to mange.

As it's due to make a public appearance in June, I thought I ought to deal with some of the uglier ones.  The lower edges of the bonnet under the catches were looking especially rough and when I poked at them I found holes..... 🙁

I could have made repair sections out of thin material and folded the edge as original - but that fold is why it's got holes in now - so I dug some 20 x 4mm strip out of my scraps bin and made a more solid repair section.

Just one side done so far and not yet finished off, but the other is just as bad.  Also a small patch od crusty grot in the lower front corner of the N/S rear wheel arch means that my previously un-welded rear tub is in need of the hot metal glue gun.


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Nick, do you think a similar solution would work going up the rear edge of the wing, below where there's a reinforcing piece? Mine will need doing at some point and, as you say, that folded edge is the problem. Your solution avoids that troublesome small cavity and is, I suspect, unlikely to give problems again.

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I suppose it would, though harder to do because of the reinforcing piece.  They don't tend to rust as much there, in my experience it's the bottom edge that dissolves.

Today I did the other side.  Didn't look as bad initially, but actually had 3 holes including one above the intended line of my strip so I had to do a patch as well.

One of the major irritations with the whole process (and it's bugged me a bit for years) is that the whole area is ripply and distorted because this is a replacement wing panel and the material it's made from is thinner than the original and too thin to take the loads from the catches.  Makes flatting it all back a right PITA!

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