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Bits from a 13/60 for sale in Normandy well situated for anyone going to Le Mans.


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Bits from a 13/60 for sale in Normandy well situated for anyone going to Le Mans. :

1.      15”” steering wheel, flat, leather and boss are in good condition. The spokes were painted black by a previous owner so can’t vouch for the state of the chrome.

2.      Speedometer works except for the trip is accurate on my car. Replaced simply because I wanted one in kilometers.

3.      Sealed beam units, a pair, chrome, paint and metal in good condition. They work, of course. Changed because they are RHD and I need LHD.

4.      Set of 4 JBW 5.0 x 13. White with machined lip, very good condition. I preferred the original steels hence why for sale.

5.      4 Blade fan. In working condition. Replaced by a 7 blade plastic one to better cope with the heat in Normandy.

 6.      Tonneau cover. Pale grey, zip works fine some staining. To be honest would look much better if dyed black or a dark colour.

I don’t want masses of money more to clear space and find them a good home.

I have photos if anyone is interested in anything

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