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Spitfire Bonnet Trims


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The bonnet on my early Spit (FC 1207) has two 2.8mm in the centre bar of the grill surround which suggest some type of trim was mounted there but no photos I have seen show any trim or badge in this position.   Was any trim ever fitted there as standard?

Also would appreciate advice on availability and quality of the correct bonnet badge for this car.   I purchased a SPITFIRE 4 script badge for the boot lid from a UK supplier after the lid had been painted and found the mounting pins were in different positions, hence my request re quality.

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I have found the repro badges to be not quite up to it if you compare to the original. However, this doesn't really bother me, as I am not trying to build a concourse. There is a slight problem with the pins though. I would just remove the pins and glue the badge on (and buy a new when it falls off  ::)  )

Alternatively just make new holes in the bootlid.

If you want a decent badge, go hunt ebay for a nice original one.

Hope this helps


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