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C2C 23 Final Instructions


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I have just sent the following Final instructions to all remaining entrants.

Final Instructions

Read this carefully, Send it to your crew, print it and both bring it with you. 


Here are the Final Instructions for the Club Triumph Coast to Coast Run for 2023. 


1          Final Instructions

Much of the information that was outlined in the communication C2C 23 Countdown to be in the C2C 23 Final Instructions has been included in the C2C 23 Briefing. This has been done to give entrants more time to assemble their event information before departing home.


Final Instructions are issued immediately prior to the event to let entrants know of any changes to the information they have previously received or of any additional information.


Dave Batchelor discovered a closed road affecting our route just after the Swainsley Tunnel.  This is after Buxton but before Cheadle, Staffordshire. Howard has prepared a map of the detour that you should take.  The detour is shown in green, the original route in blue. You will need to follow the attached map for the detour! The diversion falls between two between existing waypoints on Google and Garmin route files so these do not need to change.


The map is shown overleaf.


Any further instructions will be issued by WhatsApp.


I hope that you have got everything done and will have a pleasant drive to Mabelthorpe tomorrow.  Howard, Darren and I look forward to seeing you and hoe you will have a great and trouble free experience.


Best wishes, Chris, Howard and Darren



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