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front nearside brake noise


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After say ten mins of driving when i assume things have started to warm up i get a what i describe as a chirp sound coming from the front nearside brake. this sound seams to increase and decrease in frequency with speed . also by touching the brake peddle lightly the noise stops and also by steering left or right the noise stops .Anyone got any thoughts on this.

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Probably nothing serious. 

I would check for wheel bearing play, and if that is ok, take the pads out, clean up the surfaces of the caliper where the pads sit (top and bottom, I use a small file, a wire bush plus brake cleaner) and then check the pistones move freely. Reassemble with a smear of copper grease on theback of the pads. And a VERY thin smear on the pad/caliper contact areas. Not forgetting the anti-squeal shims are OK. 

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Both the above are valid but in my case it was warped disks. 
This was not due to over exuberance and the disks getting to hot but due to uneven wear caused by sight imperfections in the mating surfaces between the hub and disk. The imperfections are just a factor of an old car with rust/corrosion and even slight warping of the hub. Similar to the head to block warping and not visible to the naked eye.
This was explained to me by a very knowledgeable gentleman at a company called diskskimmers near where I live. 
He skimmed the disks on the car for me therefore making the disks true to the hubs.

I have to say I was slightly sceptical but as the price of skimming was the same as a new set of disks which would only provide a short term fix till the problem came back. I have now done several thousand miles and everything is still in perfect balance. 


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