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Fast Road Cam on a TR7


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No TR7 experience, but looking at the numbers it shouldn’t be that lumpy. You have EFI on this IIRC?

It will need remapping (as I’m sure you are well aware) and if still running the old map it’ll probably want a bit more timing low down and a bit less fuel, and the opposite at the top end. With a single throttle body you may possibly be getting a little reversion at idle / low rpm + light throttle which may introduce a little lumpiness compared to standard, but as above I wouldn’t expect anything severe. 

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It's early days yet on it so still fiddling. Would you suggest more advance low down I am 10 btdc for idle on stock specs but a long way from that now in set up. 

Would you alter the idle from 850 as I have read some fast road cams like a bit faster idle

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850 not very low anyway. 
I used to have something like 17deg btdc when running single throttle, but now I’m on ITBs and more modern firmware I’m using the ignition-timing-based idle control so base is alot less but it’s got another 10 deg to play with.

Really, it wants what it wants so it’s a case of experimenting. Hopefully it doesn’t change its mind from dsy to day!

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