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PI Throttle linkages


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HAving now stripped and cleaned up all the linkages, an amount of wear is apparent, but only in 1 area.

That is 2 of the 3 rods that connect the butterfly spindles to the long linkage under the manifolds. The originally round bits that locate in the spindles are now oval. I suspect the holes in the end of the spindle are also not quite the right shape anymore.

Being slightly 'financially astute' and so not wishing to splurge on a Prestige linkage kit (or equivalent), I think the problems could be solved with an adjustable length rod with a couple of suitable ends on it.

Would require the fixing to the spindle and long linkage to be solid, with all the movement within the new shaft.

Found these on the Burlen site, all in it would come to about £55.

Can anybody else suggest an alternative solution???



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Agree with Spitbang, I used the same set up on my Pi, got mine from RS Components. I used M5 threaded rod. If I were to change them I would go for left and right handed versions and make up rods with the appropriate threads - just makes setting up that much easier.

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