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Coombe and Croft with MGoT


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I have had the following newsflash from MGoT, which says Coombe and Croft booking is open.  Under our agreement with MGoT we can book for either these events from February 27th onwards.  Croft is near Darlington and is the most northerly circuit we would visit.  I have done a most enjoyable day there and thoroughly recommend it.  This is an opportunity for our Northern Members to have a bit of fun denied to the Southerners   :).

MGoT Newsflash – Castle Combe & Croft

Castle Combe, Monday 15th July

We make the first of two trips to this great circuit on Monday 15th July.  this circuit is a firm favourite with our members as it offers a combination of fast sweeping curves and technical sections. Coupled with the delights of the circuit, is the friendly reception that awaits you from Castle Combe circuit marshalls and pit crew who ensure that the day runs to time, so you maximise your track time. I think that this is one of the friendliest circuits in the UK, it's always on my personal calendar!

This will be a four session per hour, each session comprising 12 cars and lasting 15 minutes. We expect each car to have one hour and forty-five minutes of track time during the day assuming no stoppages. Sessions will be allocated according to driver experience and car so that one session will be more suitable to beginners and the less experienced track day drivers, two to intermediates and one to the more experienced. The cost for the day is £140 for MGCC members (£150 for non-members). Instruction is available from our experienced ARDS instructors for £12 per instruction session and coaching at £30 for three afternoon sessions.

Booking is opening this week on our website, the MGoT event manager for the day is our Chairman, Dave Pearce DaveP@mgs-on-track.co.uk

Croft, Friday 19th July

Our good friends at Lotus-on-Track for the third year running have invited MGoT members to join them at Croft. This circuit is one of the best kept secrets in British motorsport, with super fast sections that make it a challenging and enjoyable circuit.
This will be a three session per hour day, each session will be 20 minutes and assuming no stoppages will give 2 hours of track time. MGoT members booking this day will be in a session with Novice LoT drivers and Classic Lotus cars. The other two sessions will be for experienced LoT drivers and Hondas-on-Track.  Croft is suitable for all experience levels but you should have done at least 1 other track day before booking this event. The noise limit is 105dB.

Price:  £175.

Second drivers are free but will drive in the same session, i.e. car must be shared in a single session. Instruction is available at £20 per session and helmets are available at £20 but please book at the same time as making your event booking. (Note that instruction is not free - it's a quirk of our website for 3rd party events)
Committee member Martin Charles will be at this day, if you have any questions about the day then please contact him at MartinC@mgs-on-track.co.uk

Please follow the link from the event page on our website and book directly on the LoT Site. booking is open now for this event.

I hope to see many of you out on track this next season. Come along, join us & find out what track driving is all about – we are sure you will be bitten by the bug! Until then, Safety Fast!

07917 558474

P.S. 'MGs on Track' is a branch of the MG Car Club (MGCC), but is open to all MG enthusiasts interested in track days.

If you'd rather we didn't send you any more emails - just let us know and we'll take you off our list.

MG Car Club
Kimber House      
12 Cemetery Road
OX14 1AS

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Hi Tom

It is really worth the effort.  Don't expect too much in the way of facilities, but the track layout is really good.  There is a flat 'S' in the middle of a long straight that really takes some balls and a superb double apex hairpin that you can really get the back out on and that's with FWD.

Cheers, Chris

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