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Solway Historic & Targa

Stuart Wilson

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Another tests type event in the North, this time organised by Wigton motor club, the event is based in west Cumbria near Whitehaven on Sunday 15th October, I believe it is a round of the NESCRO championship. As of the weekend there are 16 cars in the historic section and 15 in the modern targa event. There will be a maximum of 30 in each section.

Good to see a couple of other Triumphs on the entry list, alongside my TR7 there is a TR7 V8 and a TR3A. Others on the list so far are a couple of Minis, couple of Escorts, Imp and even a 1937 Austin 7 and others.

On the targa event the Mazda MX5 seems to be a popular choice with 5 of the 15 cars being one.

Regs and entry form available here http://wigtonmc.co.uk/events/2017/10-15.pdf

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This event is this weekend, we are starting car 25 out of a total of 52 which is a mix of moderns and classics

Classic entry list, a good mix of cars and a total of 4 Triumphs, all TRs of some sort

Austin Seven Special 1937
Austin A40 Farina 1959
Triumph TR3A 1959
Triumph TR3 1957
Vauxhall Viva HB 1967
Austin Cooper S 1965
Volvo Amazon 1962
Reliant SE4 1965
Porsche 911 1967
Hillman Imp 1968
Austin Healey Sprite 1969
MG Midget 1972
MG Midget 1973
Ford Escort Mk 1
Volvo 131 1968
MGB GT 1971
Sunbeam Rapier
Alfa Romeo GTV 1973
Morris Mini 1975
Rover Mini 1976
Ford Fiesta 1978
MGB 1976
Ford Escort 1978
Triumph TR7 V8
Wilson Stuart, Colman Sam Triumph TR7 1982
Fiat Arbarth 130TC

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Well have to say that was a good days fun. A good few tests at three different venues, most of which were at a disused Alcan factory/warehouse. On this site alone there were six different tests in the morning some of which were actually in the buildings. In the afternoon we had four separate tests back at Alcan, three of which were repeats of the morning tests and the other used the others effectively joined together. The other venues were a car park at the start venue and a large piece of disused land at Maryport, these two tests were both done twice.

I think overall we came away 13th or 14th but we did win our class so very pleased with that.

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