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I must apologise for not responding to everyone who has mailed me through chris.shaw@club.triumph.org.uk. I have just found out that this mail forwarding system is not working and that I have not received any mails that anyone has sent me.  I am sorry for this and we are working to find out why this is and correct it.

I realise from the system logs that many of you have tried to contact me.  Given the subject matter of the recent information I have sent out, much of the content of the responses will be urgent and probably private, otherwise threads would have been started. If you still wish to contact me please do it, until further notice, by Private Message. 

I particularly wish to hear from you if you wish to withdraw or have an issue with having your phone number printed in the Entrant's Information.  More general enquiries could be dealt with at the Briefing if they are not time critical.

I will post here when I have resolved the IT problem.

I am sorry about this and hope that it has not inconvenienced you or your preparation.

Best wishes, Chris




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