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Brake Master Cylinder

Ben Baxter

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Right. Excuse me if I'm having a bit of a slow moment (lack of sleep) but I'm changing the seals on my brake master cylinder.

Have removed the cylinder from the car and taken the circlip and domed washer off, Haynes now says to "pull out the piston" - I just can't figure out how! Unless this is a non-original master cylinder and requires a different method to remove the piston?

Text on side reads "CAMBRIAN 7" "GIRLING 5/8".

Any ideas on how I get the piston out? Probably missed something simple.

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b_baxter wrote:
I dropped the bugger (while tripping over a box of wine) and it popped out! Ah, the joys of wine.

That's pretty much the approach I use, without the wine though....
Repeatedly smacking the open cylinder end onto a block of wood usually does the trick.

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