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A new member's first thread


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Hello everyone. New member here having just purchased my first Triumph. Any advice/words of warnings will be very welcome. 

My first question to the experienced owners and restorers out there is cosmetic rather than mechanic as am waiting to find out exactly what state of car I've actually purchased on a nostalgic whim, having bought the same model car my Father bought the year I was born which he wanted to be kept for me in later life but circumstances dictated otherwise.  

Am looking into what might be possible when upgrading the wheels. I have bought a 1972 MKIV 1300. Obviously it would be great to find something original but that isn't always an option. 

Can anyone recommend any businesses that specialise in wheels for this car, either used for me to get refurbished or new replicas from that era? 

Thanks in advance 

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The original wheels for a MkIV Spitfire were the "oval hole" steel wheels in 4.5J width. These should be fairly readily available - indeed I have a set of four (might even be five come to think of it) going spare in readily refurbishable condition. They were also made in a wider width but those are quite rare.

Factory options would have included painted wires, which are a more expensive and more troublesome option.

A lot of people fit alloys, most commonly the "Minilite" style, which isn't really quite right for a "period" look. The best option for alloys that would be "period correct" are probably the Cosmic range, but those are genuine period items and can be hard to find in good condition.

What do you consider "upgrading", though?

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