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I've been trying to re-fit my recently polybushed rear axle and it's taken me  all afternoon, without any luck  >:(

i just cant seem to get the 4 mounting points to line up enough to get the bolts in....

I'm wondering if anyone here has a tried and tested method to re-fit the rear axle?

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Easiest way is;
Mount the lower links to the axle;
Mount upper links to the body and make sure the ends are as high up as possible. Tighten them up a bit to make sure they stay there;
Put the axle on a trolley jack and manouvre it under the car, engage the lower links to the body and but the bolts through. Bolts not yet tightened;

Then jack up the axle (at the front of the differential) so it goes up and tilts backwards, making room for the upper links to get past the plate on top of the axle mount. Lower the jack (and maybe move it a bit) to align mount and link holes ...

Also some info http://tr7beans.blogspot.com/2007/05/dhc-suspension-upgrades-part-2.html

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I used a combination of ratchet straps and levers ;)

One thing that really helped was a scissor jack between the upper link and the body floor (with some wood packing) if I remember correctly - opening up the jack left the upper link with nowhere to go other than down into the mounting on the axle.

If you get hold of "How to restore a Triumph TR7 & 8" by Roger Williams see pages 109-110. The pics are of my TR7 doing just this operation. ;)

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