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Bob Bowling

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Presume you mean the quarter shaft is broken.  You don't have to change the whole diff for this and with a bit of luck you can change it without removing the diff.  Getting the broken stub out can be tricky making it necessary to remove the other side as well so you can poke it through from behind.

Assuming you have a 3.89 diff in there now (it is a 2 litre isn't it?) the quarter shaft from a MK IV or 1500 spit will do just as well as a Vitesse/GT6 one as will the whole diff although the 1500 diff is higher ratio.

Don't have a spare I'm afraid but shouldn't be too hard to come by.

Good luck


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Thanks Nick, more good advice.

car is a 1600, but as I have an OD box to go in, and the new prop shaft has the large flange, I was considering swopping to a 2L diff, as the 1600 diffs have the thinner quarter shafts which are prone to breakage.
If I can't find a 2Lfor sensible money, I will replace the quarter shaft, swop the prop shaft flange and hope for the best. Fortunately the car broke down on level ground, outside a garage, and with plenty of parking space (which is very rare in that area!!)

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