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Replacing Differential oil seals.


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Hi. I'm getting ready to put new side seals in the Diff on my 13/60. This is new territory for me and I'm using the Haynes manual as my guide. Working with the Diff still on the car, I've reached the point where I remove the inner drive shafts. My question is --- do these inner shafts pull out without too much effort (as the Manual seems to suggest) or am I kidding myself?

Another poster on this forum mentions he broke a flange during this process, so I'm pausing at this point while I seek clarification and wisdom from the Triumph community.

Thanks :}

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Usually require a few taps to get them moving, but yes, should come out easily.
In fact, I tap the plate that is part of the shaft around the diff, just to break the "crud seal", should be simple even under the car using a small punch (ie handy old screwdriver, bit of steel bar or whatever)

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Hi Clive. I took one side out this afternoon. Some persuasion was necessary but, just as you advised, only a bit of gentle tapping (taking care around the flange).

I need to strip it down, give everything a clean, and reassemble with the new seal. When I put it back on the car, how do I ensure the splines are aligned correctly? --- is it just a case of tweaking it till it fits into place?


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Just a ‘heads-up’ for any novices like myself, --- I feel the Haynes manual (a great resource by-the-way) has steered me wrong with this task of swapping out the diff oil seals. The manual states (pg. 126) that the ball race, followed by the housing plate complete with seal can be ‘carefully drifted’ off the axle shaft.

On the strength of those directions (and in my naivete) I happily bought a pair of output shaft seals, and assumed that I’d be re-using my diff bearings which appear to be in good order.

Attention all newbies ... be advised that your output shaft bearings are a VERY tight fit and are highly unlikely to ever be ‘carefully drifted’ off the shaft I did give it a try but it really is a wasted effort, and thankfully I quit before I did any damage.

My friendly local mechanic appeared surprised I even attempted it, and he is going to press it out for me. However, the bearings won’t survive this process and therefore replacements will need to be sourced. Oh well, it’s all good --- it’s been a nice learning opportunity for me, right?

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