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Replacement Differential Advice


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Hi all.

I run a 2500S with a modified 3.5V8 and LT77 box. The problem lies in the diff. It "snaps" too often. I am in South Africa, and second hand units are becoming very scarce. Anyone out there who has fitted something else with relative ease in place of the original unit. I would like to keep the same ratio, (3.45:1) if possible, or higher, up to 3.08 maybe. I believe a bloke with a 4.2/3 V8 has fitted a Rover p6 unit with ease. Does anyone know about it? I fitted a Capri mk4 LSD to my Dolomite V8, and the ratio in there works really well. PLease offer advice. Sunday afternoons at the drags are just not the same if you are a spectator in a VW van!!  :-/

Thank you

Johan van Wyk

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