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new member needing some clutch help please


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Hi all new to the site but have owned me a triumph in pasted (Ok Honda it was an Aclaim)

Anyways post for info for my dad's 1500 FWD its sat for a far old while about 10 years and now is kinda getting around to fixing her up but of couse the cluch is stuck or was when we last started the car about 3 years ago

So my question is how does one go about gettting the thing out or unstcuk ?

My dad knows these and other old cars as he was on the spanners but is not getting any yonger so this jobs will probs fail to me and i only realy know 90s cars

so any help would be welcome



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Depends what you mean when you say stuck?
Does the peddle operate okay, or is the clutch stuck on.
IF its the latter then the simple solution could be put the car in second gear, handbrake off and start the car, it will kangeroo forwards (needless to say do this with plenty of room in front of you) this should unstick the friction plate, being a fwd you can easily access the clutch from under the bonett by removing the metal plate over the housing, this will allow you to see in to the clutch plate is every thing moving reely?

If the peddle is solid this could be either be a seized master or slave cylinder  or cystalised fluid which will reguire an overhaul, please note the the 1300 and 1500fwd slaves are different and are not interchangable.

If you need to remove the clutch this is done from inside the car, removing the parcel shelf, the cover plate and input shaft, its a quick job once you have done it  a few times  and if the shaft comes out easily,but best get a haynes manual if you need to do this.

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oops sorry my bad there

Its the plate that stuck we did tow it in gear and i pressed my foot up and down on pedal but it did not work

Do you know the size bolt to remove the plate?  my dads trying to find out he knows what hes doing or says he does but wont tell me lol

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If you want to free the clutch from the flywheel but don't need to remove it completely then you may not have to remove the input shaft which will save a lot of work inside the car removing parcel shelf, carpets and stuff. Remove the heater fan from the bulkhead then three screws and one bolt hold the clutch cover to the rear of the engine, it can just be squeezed out through the gap. You then have access to the clutch. It's held on with six bolts (I think they are allen bolts on the 1500). you can then lever the clutch away from the flywheel hopefully freeing it.

If you need to remove it completely you will have to remove the input shaft. This involves removing parcel shelf, carpets and cover plate from inside the car. When you get to the input shaft it has a nylon bolt in the end of it. remove this and replace with a metal one and put a set of mole grips on the bolt and pull. If your lucky it will come out. If it won't you'll need a slide hammer. If this is the case make sure you put the bolts from the cover plate back in the gearbox or you risk smashing the gearbox casing. I know that from experience!

That sounds alittle complicated but it'll make sense when you see it. Hopefully you won't have to go that far.

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Sweeeeettttt thank guys ill try that wont be till new year thou now did try and start car today but batterys gone (its sat for 6 years on garage floor so am not shocked)

Ill let my dad know also this sounds like a much easyer way off doing it

So run the car for about 1-2 hrs ? just ide ok ?

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