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I have just replaced the gbox with an OD box so all interior is still out, master and slave cyls rebuilt, new hydraulic pipe fitted and reverse bled clutch back into the reservoir but not happy with it, feels spongy. Bleed nipple is at the top, supply pipe to the bottom on the slave cyl.

Any hints on bleeding a MK3 Spitfire clutch ?

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The bleeding is simple, just like brakes, however depends on how far/travel of pedal
Sometimes the slave needs to be pushed in further on the pinch bolt
Remedy...longer slave push rod or some ,inc us, grind a little meat away from the slave along the portion that is tapered to allow the pinch bolt to fit and allow the slave to move further in
Does it operate the clutch can you get a gear? You have got the push rod located properly?  

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Yes, new kits in the master and slave cylinder.

Both were seized through lack of use over the years so I "reamed" them lightly in a circular motion with some emery paper to clean the crud out before re-assembly. Now the piston slides as it should. I haven't seen any leaks past the seals as yet so it should be OK.

Thanks for the tip I'll have a look for bubbles in the integral reservoir when we bleed it again.

I'm contemplating taking the slave out of the housing when I bleed it next time and try to push the piston back in if I can with the pedal on the floor just in case there is any air trapped in it.

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