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Since i have fitted my car with alloy wheels i have noticed that that on full lock in one direction the wheel will just catch the brake pipe drivers side, Before fitting the wheels i have changed all the front suspension bushes and steering joints but i have not had the steering checked since, Could the steering be slightly out causing more lock on one side of the car ? I have not driven the car due to wheel problem.
Since i took the picture i have put 5mm spacers on and its better but not right, It seems strange to me that on the passenger side lock both ways are no where near touching but on the drivers it does ???

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It is very possible your steering rack was not centralised properly when fitted? From straight ahead count/mark how many turns each way to full lock. (easiest if the wheels are off the ground)

You can then adjust it on the track rod ends, do each side the same amount (hopefully only a few turns)

Another explanation may be the wheels have a different offset.

Lastly, I have fitted spacers on my rack. Requires taking off the rack boot. In fact it may be possible without full boot removal. The kitcar chaps use a jubilee clip on the rack. I used solid spacers, but a jubille clip would be adequate as it is not a stressed part, just acting as a stop.

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