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Modifying steering rack for less lock


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I've got a 2.5 turn lock to lock quick rack for the Mk3 Spitfire and want to reduce the total movement lock to lock. My current tyres contact the chassis on full lock, and I don't need a 24 foot turning circle anyway! I understand the kit car lads use spacers, as did Lotus Cars back in the 60's. Has anyone done this in a Spitfire, and what size spacers did you fit inside the rack?

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I have, and used a bit of tube (from a bent steering rack) as a spacer, and welded onto the balljoint nut.
A decent jubilee clip (or mikalor clamp) or 2 would be strong enough as a spacer, and I wish I had done it that way.

I used approx an inch, seems OK, maybe a touch less would be ideal?

Certainly saves scub and the temptation to drag the wheels sideways.

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Thanks to Marcus and Clive for that info. I shall go down the route of trial-fitting jubilee clips to gauge what width of spacers I'll need, and then make up a nylon (or even rubber) bush. The thought of having a bit of "cushion" which only comes into play when you're on full lock is quite appealing in a "let's protect the rack and steering arm if you hit something hard" sort of way.

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