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Steering column wiring


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Hi chaps,
Last few jobs on my mk11 GT6 rebuild are driving me mad ??)
I can't get the headlights to work, they flash when you pull the column switch but that's it.The side lights work ok.
They were working fine a couple of weeks ago?
Also I can't get the horn to work! The only way I can get it to work is by touching the brass slip ring on the column with a live wire? Maybe these problems are connected (earth fault?)
Any advise would be greatly received.
Thanks Chaps

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If the sidelights are working we can rule out the dashboard switch; so it's the main lighting stalk on the column which is not selecting between main or dip beam and sidelights. As the flash works I'd also eliminate bad earthing or the connections under the bonnet. Make sure all the connections are correct ie red and blue to red and blue, blue and white to blue and white and so on. Can you get hold of a second-hand switch and check if that works? It could be broken or dirty contacts at the switch.
All the horn push does is earth a circuit - as you do with the wire and the brass ring - so make sure there's metal to metal contact at the horn push and all the connections are where they should be, with only the horn push breaking the circuit.

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The horn works by a live wire coming from the loom behind dash and up the wiring clamp on the steering column and soldered  to the brass ring.
The pencil/brush inside the steering column presses in when you push horn push.
The horn push then earths to the steering wheel and the steering column has an earth strap at the rack and pinion.
So, live from loom to brass ring, horn pushes and earths out at hollow in steering wheel behind horn push
In the meantime the other end of loom wire goes direct to horn under bonnet.

The lighting wiring can be faulty at silder on column switch and the wires go down the wirning clamp on steering column.
Ensure the dash switch is working correctly , the two stage pull switch has copper contacts trhat sometimes come loose
Take switch out and look behind it , there is a contact with a dimple , get a puch and hit/tap lightly to make it a tighter contact

This then gives you a better live contact to the column switch

Fit your new switch first if fails then try above  

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I fitted the new/secondhand dip switch today, still no lights :-/ and for some strange reason there are 3 positions on it? same number of wires and they are the same colours.I robbed it off a spartan kit car I found in a local breakers.

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