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Steering column/wheel adjustment?


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Bit of a strange question, finally managed to put the steering column back in the spitfire yesterday - despite having to do it twice when I incorrectly routed the harness (verymad)

So all with the new ignition lock is well and the fitting the missing washer and end cap has removed the end float on the column but upon putting the car back in the garage last night I noticed that the steering wheel boss (aluminium mountney) is rubbing on the steel column, but only at the top?!

Is there any adjustment to stop this? It looks as though the boss is not in line with the column?

I could add a photo if I haven't made it clear.

Thanks in advance

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It's the lower one, not shown in the first diag.
122669 and the other bits.  What this does is to clamp the top part of the column (attached to your new steering wheel) to the lower part of the column which goes to the steering rack (not shown).  When you loosen it, or the allen key, the top column and wheel can be adjusted up or down to give correct clearance from the outer column, which isn't steel, it's painted aluminium alloy.  It should be clamped close to the bottom of the outer column, and there should be a clear plastic washer and an ally alloy (okay, piman?) end cap on the outer column.  Read your workshop manual regarding tightening - it forms a crude (nay, simple) collapsible column in the event of an accident.  

Rereading your OP you probably put the clamp in the right pplace - it's just the upper column is not properly adjusted.
Hope that makes sense


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Yes,  but you probably need to be able to work lying on your back, legs out of the passenger door, and head somewhere underneath too.

Clamp the bolts, slacken the locking nut and allen key, adjust the column and do up the allen key as tight as you can by hand with a normal length allen key (I'm pretty sure that's about how tight you want it), then lock it.  Mine often works down with use.


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