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Cam lobe damage?


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Suppose your rocker shaft is shot, you've got wobbly rockers and oval shaped holes and a terribly noisey 'top end' ... you reset valve clearances but the noises won't go away...

How feasible / How long do you think it would take before damage progresses to other parts of the engine, cam followers through to the lobes? And is there any way of diagnosing these issues other then pulling the head off?

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Well a compression test has revealed no. 4 is only 50lb ... so much for keeping the head on :-(

125,000km ... is that about as much as I could have hoped for before problems like this anyway?

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Dry compression test:
1 - 110
2 - 120
3 - 115
4 - 50
5 - 120
6 - 115

4 re-tested wet ... at 90.

Piston rings presumably.

So, seeing as I have neither the time, a spare car, the tools, nor the wherewithall to pull things apart, it looks like I'll be getting my spare engine shipped down here to get that rebuilt... finally I'll find out if it's a 2 or 2.5l.

Whilst it's out I'll be going for Mazda pistons, new cam (probably), unleaded head.

Is there anything else worth considering as replacements / upgrades at a reasonable cost and power increase without compromising driveability? Not looking for a screamer, but good performance is a must :-)

Also, I'll be getting the clutch changed, gearbox and o/d checked out and rebuilt where appropriate (definitely got an issue with third popping out on overrun.

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Ok, to minimise on time spent without a car I'm planning on getting my spare engine sent down from Qld to have that rebuilt, and I need to get quotes for freight. I have a weight of approx. 200kg does anyone know offhand the approx. dimensions of the 6 cylinder lump?



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