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changing to later calipers.


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Hi guys (and gals), 

Part way through restoring a 1961 TR3a, and as always shopping for bits, as I was at the International at the weekend. I have the original TypeB calipers which are seized and need overhauling ( I also have a set of the earlier A type, buts that's a different story).

I thought from both cost and weight parameters about converting to the later type calipers, conveniently  called "C type" as used on the later TR3b and TR4 & 4a and bought a pair of later caliper brackets from one of the specialists.

However I am confused now as the brackets I bought, although being a different shape in so much as they will hold the caliper in a slightly different place on the circumference of the disc, seem to have the same hole centres and spacing out from the hub as the existing early type brackets. Is this correct or is there a third type of bracket I should have got instead.

Also, does anyone know of a source of reasonably priced tyres, as all I can find seem to be in the £200 each range.

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