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Thermostat question

Ben Hutchings

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Hopefully someone will be able to tell you exatly what they do, but if not I would get a multimeter on all the terminals and work out whats what that way (with a kettle handy). Some of these switches have 3 terminals becasue they have 2 switch temps to run a fan at low or high speed depending on temp. From the numbering I would guess that 57 is 'common' and 58 and 58A are the two levels.

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Could be one fan or two, depending on model.

In standard form...............

57 is permanently live

58 is low speed................via a resistor to lower the voltage to the fan

58a is high speed...............direct to fan.

The markings on the switch are indeed the cut in/cut out figures

If its off a GTI or diesel with twin fans, the fans are much more powerful and must be run through a relay.

I could send you a circuit diagram, but my scanner won't co operate.

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Spit Bang

The switch has two outputs, the figures relate to the temperature at which it will turn the fan on and off. On at 88 (or 97) and off at 83 (or 87)

One terminal will be the feed, the other two will be outputs, should be able to work it out with a multimeter and some hot water.

Failing that, you could visit the local motor factors and buy a 2 pin switch with the desired temp range - looks like a standard 22mm screw fitting.

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