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I've had a quick look at this - my overdrive (J type) doesn't always engage / disengage and has sometimes cut in and out whilst driving.

You may recall that the gearknob switch on my car has been disconnected - the overdrive is operated by another switch on the console.

I found that the switch had a broken contact so replaced it with a Halfords item to eliminate it as the cause.  No difference unfortunately.  A green and a yellow wire are connected to this switch. Is this right?  How would they have been connected to the gearknob switch? There are the remains of two black wires on the gearlever.

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Ther is a hole in the side of the gearlever, about halfway up which the wires go into, then pop out under the switch ontop.

Wiring wise................

Reversing light switch (side of the box) has 2 green wires going to it. One is the ffed to the reversing lights, one is an ignitioned live. Piggy backed of the live goes to the 3/4 isolator (top of the box) from this up the gearlever to the switch. From the switch to the O/d solenoid then to earth.

To be safe, I would rewire the whole thing.

If you want, being as I have done this many times before, I can do this for you, and I might even be pesuaded to give you a proper switch!!

Have to be after Easter though................

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