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overdrive wiring


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I need the wiring dia for the early type overdrive.
as i have just finished rebuilding the gearbox etc.
And now looking to fit it in to the hurricane in the very near future.

thanks in advance.


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By "early" do you mean the D-type overdrive?

This diagram is for the D-type overdrive on the GT6 Mk2/+.  They're all pretty much the same

#55 column switch is the switch placed on the column to turn the OD on & off.  If you use the switch in the gearknob instead, it substitutes at #55.

#56 Overdrive gearbox switch is the inhibitor switch mounted to the gearbox which keeps the gearbox from engaging in reverse, first, & 2nd.

The (a) & (b) connections to the starter switch reference terminals specific to the GT6 Mk2/+ starter switch.

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