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Power steering pump hoses replacement

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I am just about to replace my power steering pump hoses. It looks a simple job I assume it is undo replace and then bleed by turning the steering from one side to another to get the air out? In the manual it mentions a filter but it is not clear where it is. Is it worth taking it out and clearing it? Where the hoses attach to the steering rack I would have expected a seal of some form but as far as I can tell there isn't one? Also can someone confirm that I should use ATF for the oil?

Many thanks in anticipation





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I think the filter is somewhere in the pump but I haven't taken one apart to find it.

The hose ends are flared, I think, like brake pipes. Again, it's a good few years since I had to meddle with them on my brother's Stag (or 2500).

ATF is the right stuff for the PAS fluid.

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So I did replace the hoses the main issue I had was that the high pressure one has a heavy duty rubber pipe which was longer that really necessary so you had to hold it in a u shape bend and then get the metal fitting to screw into the pump at the right angle. Also I found I had to re bend the steel pipes to the correct route. I got there in the end.... Martin

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