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Vitesse chassis numbers


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I am getting hold of a part restored Vitesse Mk2 convertible, my query is the chassis number starts MC 5***** forgotton the rest, and there is no other prefix or letters on the V5c, it does say convertible but no CV letters as I would have expected, is there any way I can find out wether or not its genuine CV ?


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It's quite common for V5s to have the engnine number recorded instead of the commission number. This all happened diuring the switch from RF60 logbooks to the computerised V5 in the late 1970s. The MC prefix might mean the car has the engine from a 2000 Saloon.
If there's no correctly stamped commission plate on the LH side of the bulkhead, check the RH side to see if the body plate is present. If this is still in situ, one of us should be able to decode the numbers recorded there.
If you can't find any plates on the vehicle, I would advise requesting copies of all the old logbooks from DVLA. Thsi will include prints from all the microfiched information held at Swansea, usually including the original FF60 handwritten logbook. This may reveal how the error occurred,

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