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Hi Guys,
Here what it happened me yesterday.
About 10 years ago i have installed a braided stainless steel fuel hose from the metering unit to the steel fuel line for my Triumph TR6 PI.
Yesterday after a stop near my home to take the cigarettes the car has turned off by itself and after a fast inspection i have noticed a big leak of fuel under the engine compartment.
Another fast inspection has revealed the problem; the braided stainless steel hose has come out of his terminal in the crimped section.
Today i have take apart the hose so in attachment the pics.
I confirm that the hose had been mounted correctly and it wasn't tense so clearly it hasn't been crimped sufficiently well during the production.
The continuously thermal stress, pressure stress and vibration stress have done the rest.
As you can comprehend, this fault could be very dangerous if the fuel catch fire so i write my experience to inform the others enthusiasts "in case of".   :o

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Be aware about the current grade of rubber hose required for fuels containing ethanol (yep, all petrol does)
It needs to be R9 rated or higher. Many places are selling R6 as it is the old standard for injection. And ask companies selling braided hose, and they cannt tell you what grade it is (my experience, though I didn't try Think automotive)

Thankfully R9 stuff is appearing in some shops now, but it is taking a while as many still have old stuff to sell. And won't chuck it away even though it is not suitable or safe to use.

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The collar on that loose end looks as if it was never properly swaged.
Look at the ridges on this example and compare.

I go to a local firm that supplies hydraulic connectors for heavy duty plant, tractors, bulldozers etc. and am confident that they will get it right.
Hydraulic equipment works in the thousands of PSI, not a piffling 100!


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Thanks for the very helpful informations.
Today morning i have been in my local shop of industrial forniture and after a discussion with the guys i managed to obtain a custom teflon hose with external stainless steel braided "armor". In the new hose the collars have been very well crimped!!  :)

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