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The starter on my Sprint engined TR is gradually getting worse. When you turn the key more often than not the starter just spins but doesn't engage, it has always done it since I got the car. It was just occasionally and I could live with it but now it is happening more and more and taking longer to engage.

I'm going to change the starter, wondering is there any advantage to fitting a high torque version as they are a little dearer but not stupid amounts more. I'm not sure if mine has the heat shield fitted as is shown on the TR starter, is this something that helps prolong the starter?

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before buying a new one?
have you tried cleaning the old one? including the terminals?
they can get full of clutch dust and cause this problem.
just use brake cleaner and when all is spotless use wd40 or like and then wipe any residue off as it will attract more dust.
i think you will find it will cure it

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Removal en refitting of the starter motor isn't that difficult. Should be a 15 minute job on the drive 😉
Just make sure you have all the correct tools for the job before you start.
(think of very long socket extension depending on exhaust manifold)
Also jacking up the car to access the lower of the three mounting bolts is recommended.
Removal and refitting the (original starter should be possible without removing the exhaust manifold.

But if you insist on buying a new one I'd say go for a modern hi-torque one.
As they are much smaller they are easier to fit.

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Depends which engine back plate you use. I have a TR7 back plate on my Sprint engine. So a TR7 starter.

And as you can see with this starter motor one mounting bolt is deleted.
The redundant mounting hole came in very handy for tying the starter's cable loom down 😀

Part number (from Robsport) GEU469U/R

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