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Questions about replacing Brake Pads


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Just about to fit a set of Mintex pads

I know I need to drill out the holes for the retaining pins, but there's a couple of other things I don't know.....

I got a set of stick on shims with the pads, and a set of metal anti squeal shims seperately
Do I need to use them both? Or do I just use one of them?

And then, where abouts do I apply my copper grease?
I've checked the label and it says its ok upto 1,150*celcius

Also, I got some anti rattle/retaining springs with the parts I ordered
I can't see any mention of them in my workshop manual, so just wanted to check if they should be fitted

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treat each pad as follows,

stick anti squeal pad to rear of each brake pad,and then anti squeal metal shim is fitted behind that.

copperslip or equivalent ,I would apply to the retaining pins to prevent galling so that the pad moves freely during operation.make sure you do not get any on the pad surface or disc.
then follow bedding in instructions.
anti rattle springs may not be needed,they were not fitted as standard as far as I recall. :)

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