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Well yesterday, I had my TC2500 in for its 6 monthly WOF inspection and its was failed on a rumbly back wheel bearing....BUGGER, so after reading all I could about it, and how big a s**t of a job it was, and how you needed special tools end equiptment. I was totally dreading this, but the cost of a recon'ed one here was more than I paid for the car.

So I done what any red-blooded kiwi would do...I ripped open a tinnie and thought about it some more. Hell its gotta be done so I attacked it, pulled the half shaft and hub out this morning, headed off to my local bearing wholesaler and picked up a kit, then proceeded to skin almost all my knuckles trying to get the bloody thing apart.

Actually it was a lot easier than I thought. From my engineering days  I had a large hydraulic bearing puller and that made the job a breeze. Total time from start to finish including 45 mins to pickup bearing kit was under 3 hours, and that included making a spanner for the adjusting nut.

Still its not a job for someone with limited mechanical experience and budget tools, I've got a workshop setup that would make most garages envious. So anyone downunder that wants a hand with 1, just sing out.

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Hello Bugsy,

a straightforward job if you have the facilities, but what I was surprised about was :- "headed off to my local bearing wholesaler and picked up a kit".

That's not something I could do here in the U.K., I could probably get the correct bearings but not the spacer.


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Yeah it surprised the hell out of me too, but it was a specialist bearing place and the owner was a classic car nut and has shit loads of unusual stock floating around. I was sure i would have to be importing parts. But he had 2 complete kits on the shelf. Cost surprised me as well only $58 NZd, ( about 25 quid ) for a kit.

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Most universal hub pullers will work! On my first attempt I had the wrong tools and consequently bent the hub! That little mistake will cost me $135(US) and to think my puller was $60....live and learn. In the end I did the bearings and UJ's( don't ever use Rimmers, their UJ's are terrible).

Here's the tools used.


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