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Hub Puller and UJ Part No.


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I need to replace the UJ joints on the 13/60 1970 Herald Convertible.  Does any one know the part number anf best place to get these?  Do the cheaper Freelander TV10000 ones fit?
I will also need the use of a hub puller.  Will pay postage for the loan of one or if there is one in Cornwall or Devon I could collect and return it.

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Got my UJ's from Canleys. Took a while to arrive and they ain't cheap but I don't mind giving them a bit extra and I needed some other parts too. If you take them out and go along to a propshaft or bearing company with one they can sort you out as well.

You don't need a hub puller.

Put some cling film over the brake master cylinder and the cap back on.
Loosen the rear wheel nuts.
Put the rear of the car on stands.
Take wheels off.
Disconnect handbrake clevis pins.
Disconnect brake pipe at the in-board end.
Undo the radius arm bolt.
Undo bottom shock absorber bolt.
Loosen top one.
Removing the spring eye bolt.
Undo the four bolts holding the UJ to the diff and slide out.

Probably not how the book tells you to do it but works for me. You might need some strong arms when putting the spring back in later on though. ;)

When it's on the bench I'd strip down the brakes and give it all a clean and lube where required - especially concerning the slave cylinder. I found it much easier to do the brakes on the bench than the car but I have silly wheel studs which make it harder.

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