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New clutch not working


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Can any one help, I have just put in my spitfire 1500 a reconditioned gearbox, clutch set, thrust bearing, new slave and master cylinder and low and behold, can't get the clutch to work.
Went over all the fluid avenues, even trying the old slave, then the old mc. I am convinced all is ok, I can manually with my trolley jack handle, take out slave cylinder, start the car and operate the clutch with a bit pressure, but when I put the slave cylinder back on, I can't get it to operate, the clutch pedal just disappears and no pressure, I have tried moving the slave cylinder forward as much as I can, but nothing works. Looking through the hole where the slave cylinder is all looks ok. Pin is not loose, the fork pin is also still in place as I can see this in the bell housing,
Can anyone offer advice, I think I am going to have to take the gear back out next weekend, but not sure what to look for as it all looked fine on putting it in.
I am pretty much a novice so any advice would be really appreciated.

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So its bled,   Is the car on the flat,
if it aint, then air could still be init due inclination of hill!!

have ye got the slave the right way up,!!

one the MC, there is a rubber bit on the end of the push rod bit,
this seals the outlet, so fuid is pushed down the pipe

is the rubber bit on the end, its in the wee plastic bit on the end of the inside thing a ma jig,!!, cant for the  life of me re recall what itis


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I had this problem with the Spit
The slave wash pushed in as far as it would go as you say, but the clutch was operational
There is a recess in the slave where the pinch bolt locates but will only mve so far
I ground another min 1/2" of the end of the machined recess to allow the slave to go further in, thus allowing the pinch bolt to be further back in the recess
In effect you can do it with a longer operating pin
Not had a problem since

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I made an account here specifically to thank the great folks on this post.  I indeed had my bleed nut on the bottom, and was about to rip the engine and transmission back out thinking I had a clutch issue.  Swapped the ports around and had a rock solid pedal in just a few minutes!

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