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Spitfire front springs

bob dunn

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My car has a T2000 engine and overdrive box mounted with the front face the same as a 4 cyl . So the right spring is a suck it and see operation. The T2000 spring is stiffer than the std spit spring but both are 40 years old. How would you shorten a spring ,my guess is heat the cut end and reshape. Part of the problem is I don't know what I need so how can I buy it.

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You do have a difficult situation there. If you heat a spring enough to reshape it it won't be tempered correctly to act as a spring when it cools unless you are very lucky. If you cut a spring to shorten it the rate gets higher. That is, the spring will be stiffer once cut.
You can at least find the actual installed rate of springs you have at hand by adding weight to the car and measuring the amount that it lowers once it has stabilized. For example you could place 50Kg sacks of sand above each front wheel roll the car a few meters and measure the ride height at the front.
                                                                                         Best of luck,

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