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Source for 480 lbs front springs, please.

Nick B.

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Every performace part seller on Earth has access to a wider range of coil springs than you could imagine.  For instance, Demon Tweeks catalogue has a whole half page table of springs from 100-1200 lbs and 6-14" long (I'm quoting from memory, and this is NOT to recommend DT as a value seller, they are more into blue LEDs and 1500W speakers nowadays).  FInd a local performance shop - A pair suitable for your Spitfire (480/9"??) will cost maybe £50.

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faulkners springs - they are the spring manufacturer what supply to merlin motorsport and demon tweeks. they are also supplier direct to AVO etc

i've order mini coilover springs direct from them and are very good.

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Ordered 2 pairs of AVOs adjustable. Living in denmark, it costs a fortune to call sales departments. And I am not going to pay one pound pr. minute to listen to some crap music while waiting. So far I have had good luck with mailing. 5 years ago was another story though.!!


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OK - got an answer from faulkner - it goes like this:
We can manufacture from a sample or full spec i.e. length, rate , travel,
i.d. , o.d. etc

I need help now please

Length: should I go for 8 or 9? Car is a daily commuter to be driven spirited
Rate: 480 LBS
Travel : ?? Help please
Internal diameter: 2.5"
OD (Outside diamter i guess) : Help please

It is a spit mk 3 soon to be fitted with AVO adjustable


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