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Best tyres for GT6?


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I know the have been lots of threads about tyre sizes, but it know I want to stay on 155/80 13.

What I'm looking for advice on is which brands run best. I just spoke to a local tyre dealer who quoted statements about budget this and Eco that and then no premium brands available. So taking that as not entirely true what is in use? Also is T rated the best I need - I suspect it is but again lack confidence in the answer supplied.

I will justify my question - the last tyres on the car where put on 30 years ago  :)

Many thanks


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Any of the premium brands will be good. I would look at Michelin e3b, I have a set on my Toledo in a different size, but very good.
Then again, I have driven toyo 350s, again good. It seems to be the odd unknown brands who are less good.
There are also some very good all season tyres from vredestein

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