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Hi guys just popped over from the TSSC as there are probably more tr6 guys here.
Whilst I am restoring my vitesse I recently acquired a tr6 to stay on runs with the guys.
It is fitted with wires and 185/80 tyres of ancient vintage. I do not like the wires and obviously need to replace the tyres ASAP. Having studied range and availability of 15 inch tyres I am proposing to get 5.5 inch wide 15 inch minilights from MidlandWheels with 16 mm offset and fit 195/65 tyres. Anybody any experience of this.  Will they fit ok.

Thanks in anticipation


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Hi Paul
by an amazing coincidence I have just done exactly what you are proposing to do.
My experiences may help you avoid unnecessary pain and expense.
I purchased new std. Length wheelstuds from rimmers fronts have 3 mm unthreaded nose on them and to fit had to remove brake disc. Rears fitted ok just a bit fiddly. Front wheels contacted top pivot mounting bolt on wishbone. Nearside rear tyre rubbed on top of telescopic damper . So purchased 3. mm spacers for front and rear. Solved clearances ok but In my view rear stud engagement is now marginal but cannot find longer studs and cannot see how they can be easily fitted anyway. Front engagement is totally unacceptable in fact marginal without spacer!!!!!!!
So I ground off the excess  length of bolt on suspension to provide clearance for now and have now discovered on rimmers wheel Page that extra long front studs are available that aren't shown on hub Page they are cheaper than standard ones so I will get some off them to give what I consider acceptable stud engagement. 24 GBP wasted on std studs .Then again all our cars are potentially different so my experiences maybe unique and not relevant. But the good news is that they look amazing and the cars feels much better.

Hope you fare better than me but then again I fear you won't ( have not )

Best regards

Paul Griffiths

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The saga continues - front scraping on top mounting fixed with 3 mm spacers and longer studs.
RHR still too close to telescopic damper tube - but with repositioning of top damper mount this is now a very slight witness not a rub so some progress - but stud engagement is marginal and ideally need more clearance -another spacer required .
so desperately need to know where I can get 1/2" ( at least ) longer REAR STUDS - all usual suspects only list longer fronts - rears are different underhead from with angles seating and suspect spline dia is subtely different also so cant use fronts.

Any advice gratefully recieved .
many thanks Paul.

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