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Stop The Press!!!

Pirelli have just reproduced their famous Pirelli Cinturato in the size 165HR15 CA67. http://www.longstonetyres.co.uk/page/165hr15-pirelli-cinturato-ca67.html what could be better on a TR4, TR5 or TR6. (personally i prefer a TR2 or TR3 on a 155HR15, but i know lots of people like a bigger tyre)

I know there is a variety of opinions about weather fatter tyres are better; and Pirelli will reproduce a 185/70VR15 CN36 hopefully soon. I shall post when they do.

This is sort of an honest commercial post which you might want to take down.

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In the Spring I was looking at a set of the 165x15 Vredestein Classic or their 185/70HR15. To the professional what is the difference in performance / handling between the Pirelli tyre and the 2 Vredestein , bearing in mind these are intended for a TR4 that has had the suspension set up for radials?

Thanks in advance,

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+1 on Roger's post. When first acquired in 1970 my 4A was shod with Cinturatos. They were very entertaining on wet roundabouts but frankly the wet grip was unacceptable for serious use. We soon binned these tyres for a set of Dunlop Sports (the Aquajet tyre). These were a revelation with outstanding grip on wet and dry surfaces although needless to say one inevitably paid a penalty in reduced mileage. I note these tyres are still available from Vintage Tyres, at a fancy price, in 185VR15, not sure if the standard  165 TR4/4A section tyre is still made however.


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Sorry, should have added that the 4A is currently running on Hankook Optimo K715s in 165/80R15 87T, sourced very reasonably from mytyres.com. After 25,000 miles they are down to 3mm or so and I will be looking to change in the Spring. I have been very happy with the Hankooks in both wet and dry conditions. The Friday night of the last RB(R)R was a good test of the former!


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